Watereye EWS2 Remote Meeting -27th_28th_29th October 2020

The 2nd Engineering Workshop (online) , took place last 27th _28th_ 29th of October.

It lasted for three days and all the partner were duly represented.


The first day administrative issues and work package 3 were discussed at the meeting. Furthermore, Delf Dynamics and Tudelf offered a virtual tour.

The second and third day the consortium worked on the work packages 2, 3 6 and 7.


 Watereye consortium discussed within 2 breakout sessions, issues related to SmartSensors, communications & mobileplatform and structural, healthmonitoring, diagnosis, prognosis & control tools for individual windturbine


Some of the outcomes from  EWS2:

To adapt  RH4 ‘Spyder’ drone to be flown inside a windturbine tower for wall thickness measurements. This to measure and predict corrosion during a windturbine’s lifetime.

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